Caribbean Stud is one of the most popular poker specialties in the world, especially in casinos that have American tables, in this game the clash takes place against the bank and the players are not therefore found to play one against the other. The deck used is that of American poker, with 52 cards. In addition to this game is also provided the opportunity to compete in the jackpot.

Mechanisms and rules of the game

It starts with an invitation episode called “Ante”, paid in equal measure by all players, those who intend to compete for the jackpot will have to pay a further fee in the appropriate space, in Europe usually the amount to participate in the jackpot is 1 EUR.

The croupier distributes the cards, 5 per head, the last card dealt on the dealer is discovered, the players to collect and see their cards must wait for the croupier’s permission. At this point each player will decide whether to stay in the game or abandon the hand. It should be kept in mind that, unlike normal poker, you can not change the cards and then the score that you have in the beginning of the game will also be the final one.

Those wishing to participate in the hand must pay the Rise, a double share of the initial body, alternatively it is possible to abandon the hand. At the end of this phase the croupier discovers the 4 cards of the bank.

In the event that the dealer does not have a score at least equal to or higher than Ace and King, declares “No Hand” (nothing in hand) and the players who have paid the raise recover a sum equal to the first episode paid. In any case, players’ cards are checked to see if any jackpots are present.

In the event that the dealer has a score equal to or superior to a high hand, one proceeds to the showdown (showing the cards) at this moment the final phase can end in different ways:

  • Banco wins, having a better score than the player
  • Banco and player achieve the same score, then the bets remain in play
  • The player wins, having a better score of the bank, is repaid once with the initial bet plus the payout proportional to the score achieved and the bet made.

We see the proportions of payments in case of victory of the player on the bank:

  • Royal Flush 100: 1
  • Color scale 50: 1
  • 20: 1 Poker
  • Full 7: 1
  • Color 5: 1
  • Scale 4: 1
  • Tris 3: 1
  • Double Couple 2: 1
  • Pair or less 1: 1

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