The Omaha is basically very similar to Texas Hold’em, it changes substantially the fact that the cards in the player’s hand (hole card) are not 2 but 4, of which they must be used to force 2, consequently the community cards used they will always be 3.

The name Omaha is the end result of a series of changes occurred throughout the history of this game, it began its evolution in the ’70s, from the Detroit area. The original game was called Two By Three and provided for 5 hole cards and not 4, but in this way the maximum number of players was limited to 8 and for this the evolution of the game goes through a fundamental change, the reduction of personal cards from 5 to 4. This change led to the spread in the United States, the specialty was called in several ways as “Oklahoma two by three” or “Nine card” but soon became unified in the name of an existing game, Omaha, which took the name from the capital city of the state of Nebraska. 1982 marks the end of the changes and the start of the success of this specialty. Omaha’s popularity has grown very quickly, this game is one of the specialties played at the World Series of Poker, the world’s most important sporting event.

We said what are the differences between Omaha and Texas Hold’em and although the two games seem in theory very similar things are not so, the fact of being forced to use 2 personal cards and 3 community cards in Omaha places very strong constraints, which greatly disrupt the criteria and techniques of playing Texas Hold’em.

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