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The game of poker is defined as a game suitable for a table of 4 or 5 people, we talk about classic poker, the version played sitting at a table in the form almost original. It is played with a single deck of French cards of which only cards are used: 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Woman, King and Ace (in increasing order of value) in the case of four players, in the 5-player version add the 6 and so on you increase one card for each additional player in the table (although the most indicated number is lower, even with more players you can form a table). The turn of the cards follows the clockwise direction and with each new hand the player next to the previous dealer becomes the dealer.

Below you can see the scores in ascending order, please note that in American poker, where an entire 52-card deck is used, there is a difference, the FULL beats the COLOR, as with such a large number of cards it is easier to make a COLOR than a FULL.


Isolated card is made by those who failed to combine a higher score and consists of the highest card in hand, in the example shown, the King of clubs.


The pair consists of two cards of the same value, in the example woman of hearts and woman of diamonds, between two pairs wins the one of superior value, in case the two pairs are of the same value the pair that contains the seed of hearts (which is the first in importance among the seeds: HEARTS, SQUARES, FLOWERS, PEAKS).


Double pair is the score that provides two pairs within the 5 cards, in the example the double pair is Jack with 8.


The trio is made up of 3 cards of the same value, in the example a trio of Jack.


A simple scale consists of 5 cards with row values, regardless of their suit, in the figure a ladder to the Jack.


The full consists of a couple plus a three, in the figure we see a full of 10 with 7.


The color is made up of 5 cards of the same suit, without limits of values, in the figure of an example a color of spades.


The poker score also gives the game its name and consists of four cards of the same value, for example a poker of 7.


A royal flush is made up of 5 suited cards of the same suit. There is the curious rule that there is no real winning scale in fact, in fact if two real scales collide, the following cases may occur: the minimum (the one with the Ace scaled before the minor card of the deck that be the 6 or 7), beats the maximum (scale with Ace put after the King), the maximum beats the average (scale without use of the Ace) and the average beats the minimum. In the most unique case that rare in which all three types of scales are realized, the hand is considered parimerito and the plate is divided in equal parts among all the holders of the different real scales. In the example in the figure we see a real average scale.

There is an initial bet called an invitation, a minimum fixed fee, established at the start of the game, which each player pays to make up the starting pot for the new hand. Five cards are distributed to each player, with one turn at a time, each player, who will try to achieve at the end of the hand a score higher than the others to win the pot.

The player of the hand is the one to the left of the dealer and will be the first to be entitled to open or not, to open it is necessary to have at least a score equal to or greater than a pair of Jacks. The first player he opens becomes his hand after the opening phase. The opening consists of a bet placed by the players in the pot to proceed to the consecutive phase of the game. A player who has not opened first may equally, like the others and on his turn, raise (ie increase) the opening amount in progress, so that all players wishing to participate in the hand must make the difference to adjust. The player who opened to a figure, which was then increased by another player, in case he wanted to withdraw loses the amount paid up to that moment.

In the second phase the dealer changes the cards to the players who have the faculty to replace from 0 to 4 of their cards, in order to improve their score in hand, obviously in exchange for the discarded cards they receive covered cards.

The word is then up to the player who opened first, he will make the first raise, to which others will have to adapt (see), raise in turn or leave the hand. The raises end when all the players have paid the same amount, always respecting the round of the game, and therefore no one will have further raised.

The word dish occurs if, after changing the cards, all the players have said “word”, the cards are re-shuffled, the pot remains on the table and it will start with a new hand that will see in the pot the new invitations in addition to the previous dish.

The darkness can be made by the player to the left of the dealer before he sees his cards and consists of a double digit of the pot. Whoever does the dark takes the right to speak last and then the player to his left will be of the hand. After seeing their cards the other players can adjust to the figure of the dark or pass the hand.
The player to the left of the blind can in turn make the big blind, paying a double amount of that paid by the first and always before seeing their cards, at that point if the first buiante does not adapt before seeing their own cards, loses the right to be last of hand and the word passes to the player to the left of the counterbuy. Raises are not allowed to the players before the eventual relaunch of the buiante (or counter-bonus that has taken the right). After the adaptation of all the participants to the various blinds the game proceeds regularly.

When all players have adjusted to the various raises it is time to discover the cards, the first to do so is the one who made the last raise and so on in a clockwise direction. The winning score is awarded the pot.

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