The Teresina takes its name from a mispronunciation of the name Tennesse, the US state from which it comes, is played with the same type of deck used for traditional poker ie the lowest card is calculated by subtracting to 11 the number of players, if for example you play in 6 the lowest card will be 5 and then the deck will be composed of 40 cards: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, women, kappa and aces. The sense of play is clockwise.

We start by putting a fixed fixed quota on the plate which will form the starting plate. The dealer draws 2 cards to each player, a deck and a face-up and the word is up to the player who shows the highest card, he will have 2 possibilities: knock, pass the word to the next player, or bet, putting a digit in the plate.

If all the players knock, they proceed to the second round of open cards without anyone placing a bet in the pot, if one of the players decides instead of betting, the others will have to decide whether to see, adjusting to the current bet, raise, increase the bet or pass , abandoning the hand.

Repeat the above steps until you have discovered 4 cards for each player, bearing in mind that at each turn the word is up to the player who shows the best score among his cards discovered.

After discovering the fourth card there is the last round of betting that precedes the uncovering of the hole cards, all the players who participated in the pot are at this point obliged to show their score at the same time, the player who scored the best score he wins the pot.

The scale of values ​​is that of traditional poker, to view the full scale of values ​​visit the Rules page of classic poker .

In the Teresina specialty there are many variations, often there is the use of community cards (sailing), placed at the center of the table that can contribute to improve the score of all the players.

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